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PRICE: $25,000,000.00

MLS #: 117294


Here is an opportunity to buy one of the great ranches of perhaps the world!! Within sight of the town of Merritt and under 3 hours to Vancouver, enjoy a mild climate that often sees cattle grazing in February. The 960 head run by the ranch are currently used to supply a branded beef program called Ranchland Natural Beef. This is a natural grass fed beef program. The cattle are a beef booster original herd crossed red angus-simmental. The herd consists of 750 mother cows, 150 yearlings, and 36 bulls. The ranch runs on a total of 15,000 acres of private and crown land, 3546 acres of this is deeded on 18 seperate titles. 905 acres are currently irrigated, mainly under pivots and wheel lines. There are plans in place to put another 239 acres into production. The hayland produces on average 4 and half tons of hay per annum in 3 cuts. This allows the ranch the luxury of selling 500- 1000 tons of surplus hay close to the Vancouver market. The range is some of the most beautiful in the province, surrounding Lumbum Lake and bordering the Okanagan connector. Abundant and nutritous feed assure a heavy robust calf in the fall. The property boasts a modern well kept feed lot capable of housing 1200 head. Holding calves over is not difficult. An abundance of water is available. Within the boundaries of the ranch is an 87 lot subdivision. These are highly desirable properties and an ideal retirement or vacation property close to the Vancouver market. There are 900,000 cubic meters of good gravel conveniently located on a corner of the ranch closest to town and adjacent ot the highway. Mining gravel has supplied a consistent income stream to the ranch over the years and will continue to do so with minimum disruption to ranch activities. The possibility of lock, stock and barrel share sale is anticipated but not necessary. A full line of machinery, an ample amount of supplies, and effective ranch staff in place are all available. Please contact Dana Hinsche for further details on this ranch. 250-398-0914


Take Hwy 5A, (old Hwy to Kamloops) head north of Merritt 5 minutes. Turn right at the start of Nicola Lake, drive half a mile. Hayfields are on both sides of the road- just over the cattle guard.

Legal & Capacity


936 head of cattle
750 cows
150 yearling replacement heifers
36 bulls
1200 head feedlot
900,000 cubic meters of gravel


15,000 acres of private and crown land
3546 deeded acres
87 home sites approved on 900 acres
905 acres irrigated

Legal Description as follows:
Title#:KE18116 KA, PID# 012-978-540 U/KDYD////188
Title#:KE18117 KA, PID# 012-978-591 U/KDYD////494
Title#:KE18118 KA, PID# 012-978-639 U/KDYD////769
Title#:KE18119 KA, PID# 012-978-647 U/KDYD////1148
Title#:KE18119 KA, PID# 012-978-647 U/KDYD////1148 REM
Title#:KE18121 KA, PID# 012-978-841 U/KDYD///91///24//NE4 REM
Title#:KE18122 KA, PID# 012-978-868 U/KDYD///93///30//SW4 REM
Title#:KE18124 KA, PID# 012-978-761 U/KDYD/////192 PART SUBD BY KAP44809
Title#:KK9372 KA, PID# 012-800-473 U/KDYD/////962 PART IN PLAN KAP56364 ROAD ONLY
Title#:KK9373 KA, PID# 013-026-038 U/KDYD/////962 PART IN PLAN KAP56364 ROAD ONLY
Title#:KR18239 KA, PID# 012-978-949 U/KDYD///91///24//SE4
Title#:KR18240 KA, PID# 012-979-007 U/KDYD//////120
Title#:KR18240 KA, PID# 012-979-007 U/KDYD//////120
Title#:KR18242 KA, PID# 012-979-058 U/KDYD//////169
Title#:KR18243 KA, PID# 012-979-066 U/KDYD//////186
Title#:KR18244 KA, PID# 012-979-139 U/KDYD//////187
Title#:KR18245 KA, PID# 012-979-236 U/KDYD//////1304 REM
Title#:KE18123 KA, PID# 012-978-663 U/KDYD//////666 PART SUBD BY KAP44809
Title#:KC14008 KA, PID# 013-160-435 S/40772/////1
Title#:KC4230 KA, PID# 012-818-861 U/KDYD///91///24//NE4 PL 400
Title#:KC4233 KA, PID# 012-800-520 U/KDYD/////119 PL 400
Title#:KC4234 KA, PID# 012-818-844 U/KDYD///93///30//SW4 PL 400
Title#:BL174861 NW, PID# 019-060-556 S/LMP19993/////8



Good size main house
4 employee homes
18x62 Machine Shed
Calving Shed
Storage Building
Cook House
Silage Pit
Extensive irrigation system

Other Data

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